Sushi Menu

Available all day (11am to 9.30pm)


Avo Top (4 pieces)
Norwegian Salmon R60
Prawn R55
Tuna R50
Cucumber R42
Green Roll (4 pieces)
Norwegian Salmon R60
Prawn R50
Tuna R50
Avo & Cucumber R36
Snow Roll (4 pieces)
Salmon & Cream Cheese R60
Prawn & Avo R55
Spicy Tuna R50
Avo & Cucumber R40
Rockettes (4 pieces)
Salmon & Cream Cheese R85
Salmon & Avo R80
Tuna & Cream Cheese R70
Tuna & Avo R70
Hand Roll (each)
Prawn R49
Vegetarian R40
Smoked Salmon R55
Norwegian Salmon R55
Tuna R49
Eel R60
Sandwich (4 pieces)
Prawn * R58
Vegetarian R32
Smoked Salmon * R65
Norwegian Salmon R68
Tuna R56

rice, avo, *mayo

Nigiri (2 pieces)
Prawn R45
Norwegian Salmon R55
Tuna R52
Eel R65
Maki Roll (6 pieces)
Eel R60
Prawn R50
Avo R32
Norwegian Salmon R60
Cucumber R30
Smoked Salmon R48
Tuna R48
California Roll (4/8 pieces)
Crab * R28 / R50
Prawn * R45 / R80
Vegetarian R28 / R50
Smoked Salmon * R50 / R88
Norwegian Salmon R50 / R88
Tuna R42 / R80
Spicy Salmon R52 / R90
Spicy Tuna R45 / R78

rice, avo, *mayo, *cucumber

Rock Rolls

Rock Roses (4 piece)

Norwegian Salmon wrapped around rice, avo and mayo with caviar


Californication (4 piece)

Tuna, avo, cream cheese inside; prawn, seven spice outside


Cucumber Screw (4 piece)

Seared salmon & tuna, wrapped around cucumber, cream cheese & wasabi mayo


Red Dragon (4 piece)

Crab, cucumber, avo inside; tuna outside


Rainbow (4 piece)

Cucumber, crab, tuna, mayo inside; tuna & salmon outside


Rock (4 piece)

Mayo, avo, crab, tuna & salmon inside; cucumber outside


Philadelphia (4 piece)

Cream cheese, avo inside; smoked salmon outside


Caterpillar (4 piece)

Eel, cucumber inside; avo outside


New Wave Rock Roll (4 piece)

Prawn, salmon, seven spice, avo inside; cucumber outside


Wasabi Parcel (4 piece)

Tuna, wasabi mayo inside; salmon, caviar outside


Avo Boat (2 piece)

Avocado, bean curd, mayo, sesame seeds


Eel Crunch (4 piece)

Eel, avocado, tempura roll


Spicy Salmon Rolls (4 piece)

Seven spice salmon & avo, panko crumbs outside, deep fried, with sweet chilli mayo dressing


Tempura Salmon Rolls (4 piece)

Tempura fried salmon, avo, cucumber inside; mayo & caviar outside


Tempura Prawn Rolls (4 piece)

Tempura prawn, avo, cucumber, sweet chilli sauce


Straight Jacket Prawns (6 piece)



Spicy Salmon Sashimi (6 piece)


Spicy Tuna Sashimi (6 piece)


Sashimi & Salads

4 Norwegian Salmon R85
4 Tuna R75
2 Salmon, 2 Tuna R80
4 Salmon, 4 Tuna R145
6 Seared Salmon (with wasabi mayo) R95
6 Seared Tuna (with wasabi mayo) R85
Assorted sashimi salad with sesame dressing R120
Crab salad with mayo & sesame seeds R50
Seared Salmon & Tuna salad with avo, and our house dressing R125

Sushi Platters

Sushi (8 piece)

4 nigiri, 4 california rolls


Tuna (12 piece)

3 maki, 4 california, 3 sashimi, 2 nigiri


Salmon (12 piece)

2 roses, 3 sashimi, 3 nigiri, 4 california


Sushi & Sashimi (12 piece)

2 salmon sashimi, 2 tuna sashimi, 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 4 crab california rolls

R210 (salmon only)

Deluxe (14 piece)

2 prawn nigiri, 4 salmon nigiri, 4 tuna nigiri, 4 crab california


Arigatou (24 piece)

4 crab california rolls, 4 salmon sandwich, 4 salmon avo roll, 4 tuna avo roll, 2 salmon nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 2 salmon sashimi, 2 tuna sashimi

R320 (salmon only)

Nippon (18 piece)

4 salmon avo roll, 4 tuna avo rolll, 4 prawn california, 3 smoked salmon maki roll, 3 cucumber maki roll

R205 (salmon only)

Yantse (20 piece)

2 rainbow roll, 4 tuna avo roll, 4 salmon sandwich, 2 salmon nigiri, 3 tuna maki roll, 3 avo maki roll

R240 (salmon only)

Louis Jiang (16 piece)

4 prawn sashimi, 2 salmon nigiri, 1 tuna nigiri, 1 prawn nigiri, 2 salmon sashimi, 2 tuna sashimi, 4 salmon california


Temporarily Closed

See you again soon

Due to the current Covid-19 regulations we have made the difficult decision to remain closed at this time. 

We look forward to serving you again soon.  Please follow us on social media for more updates.